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Updated: Nov 26, 2023

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Crystal Coded is now experimenting with the idea of providing quick WordPress and Wix website templates to clients who need a simple but yet quick website. With the growth of our company comes growth with clients, and sometimes we encounter clients that are in need of a site build with a rapid turnaround time. We also encounter clients that have a very tight budget and they still need a good site design that is in their budget. So Crystal Coded is stepping out to see how our potential clients feel about this idea of offering website templates that they can purchase, make few edit so they can launch very quickly. While Crystal Coded of course will always have WordPress developers and Wix designers available to design full custom original website designs, this option will be for those who do not need such a custom site and are ready to get out there on the World Wide Web.

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Are you looking to purchase a WordPress Theme or purchase a Wix Template?

Here are Crystal Coded we are always striving to improve and provide options that are feasible for everyone. We would like to have feedback from real people to know is a Custom WordPress or Wix Template something our clients would be interested in. Please take the poll below to let us know.

Would You Purchase a WordPress Theme or Wix Template?

  • Yes

  • No

If Yes, What is Your Primary Motivation for Purchasing a Theme or Template?

  • I want a website instantly

  • I have a small budget for a website design

  • Both - I want a website instantly and I have a small budget

If budget and time is not a factor to you, please also feel free hire our web design agency to design your Wix website or develop your Wordpress website. Crystal Coded offers many Wix web design services, such as; Customized Wix websites, Wix Redesign, Custom WordPress Design, WordPress Redesign, SEO and more. Simply click the "Hire Web Designer" button below, complete the form and one of our experienced web developers will get back to you.

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Other Website Examples from our Web Design Portfolio

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Mitch Matthews


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Need a website design quote?

Just need a quote? If you are curious about Wix website cost or WordPress development cost for your project, simply click the get a quote button below, complete the form the best you can and one of out experience web designers will get back to you as soon as possible.

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