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Do I need to hire a SEO Manager? | SEO Manager Blog

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

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Establishing a new business of any kind is always fascinating. If you have everything essential for your online business, such as a killer website and a unique product, but for some reason your site is not quite enough in this hard-competitive market. To boost your website, you need to hire an SEO manager. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is very effective in promoting traffic to your website and attracting more visitors. For this purpose, an Wix SEO specialist or Wix SEO Expert is the best solution (if you have a Wix website).

SEO can be a difficult task to perform, but if you want to make sure it is done right, you should hire an SEO manage. If you have a low-budget when starting your business, you can do SEO work yourself, but you may still have some struggles. A true knowledgeable SEO manager will know how to research and market your website properly.

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Indicators that let you know that you should hire an SEO manager:

SEO is something you have to be patient with, as it takes time to really see if any implemented SEO has actually been effective. If after 6 month of SEO implementation, you see no change, then this can be one of the biggest indicators that its time to hire an SEO expert. A survey revealed that 70% of the top websites have web traffic from organic and paid searches, so have organic traffic or paid ads can give your site a boost.

The following are the indicators that you should hire an SEO manager or that you need Wix SEO help:

  • You are too busy to do the SEO yourself

  • You've had no improvement on site traffic or no increase in keywords

  • When PPC is out of your budget

  • When you do not know what keywords to target

  • Lack of experience to analyze the performance

  • When you never spot your website in search results

These signs are enough to indicate that your website requires an SEO manager. An SEO manager makes strategies to help companies achieve high search rankings.

A higher rankings mean your website lands on the first page of search engines, which leads to more traffic and generates more opportunities. There are some of the following strategies that an SEO manager would target:

  • On-page SEO

  • Local SEO or Wix local SEO

  • Off-page SEO

  • Link building (Back linking)

  • Keyword Strategy

The most important question raised in this regard is, what is an SEO manager expected to do?

hire seo manager wix seo optimization

Following are the duties of an SEO manager:

  • Attract more traffic and diagnose the hurdles of declining organic traffic

  • Create unique content

  • Innovative solutions specific to your business

  • Perform research and all the essentials of a good SEO

Always be sure to select an experienced SEO manager for your business who can do all of the above operations. Here at Crystal Coded we have had over 15 years of experience with SEO on all website platforms with much success. It would be our pleasure to assist with moving your site up in the ranking or answer any questions that you may have.

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The above discussion revealed that SEO is an integral part of your business to expand and grow online. And if you have already hired an inexperienced person, you will not only lose the money you paid but it can also backtrack all of your hard work online, so if this happens to you, replace your SEO manager immediately.

Wix SEO experts are very popular nowadays because of their efficiency and modern techniques with the easy to use Wix platform. Rather if you are hiring a SEO manager or a Wix SEO expert, we can surely help your business flourish.


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