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Updated: Mar 4

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When asking yourself how to find a good web design company, it can seem overwhelming. With more and more people getting into the industry it leaves you with numerous options. This is why it’s important to do your research! While there are quite a few freelance sites, such as Fiverr and Upwork, where you can hire web designers, the quality doesn’t always match those of established professionals. Not to say this is the case all the time, we love to support small businesses, but the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ always comes to mind in situations like this.

That’s why it is so important to look into the companies you’re interested in hiring. This should go without saying when you’re looking to hire any service, but you’d be surprised how many people are sold on the appearance of a website versus their customer’s satisfaction. As we always say, a great website will bring in and retain potential customers, but there’s much more to web design than designing a sleek looking landing page.

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Tip 1.) for how to find a good web design company: Know what your expectations are...

Before beginning this search you need to know what your expectations are. Make a list of important key features for your site, take note of your budget and the time frame you need it completed in. Then once you find a web design company you’re interested in go to their website and check out their services, what they charge, their customer’s testimonials, and check to see if they have a portfolio. It’s always good to have examples of their work to see if it matches the style you’re looking for.

When looking for a Wix website designer you can search in a few different places. Again, freelance sites are a good place to start, but Wix also happens to have their very own marketplace. This makes it so much easier to narrow down your search. You can filter through thousands of web designers, from their experience to what they charge, with just a few clicks. Not to mention Wix has vetted and approved each and every one of these professionals for their reliability and experience.

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Tip 2.) for how to find a good web design company: Do your research!

When it comes to hiring a Wordpress developer the process can be a little more tricky, but again you just need to do your research. Wordpress Jobs is a free resource for consumers where you can sort through Wordpress web designers. Be sure to look into their customer reviews and even request links to their website so you can check out their portfolios. It’s important to be sure they are capable of fulfilling your needs before you get your heart set on a specific designer.

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That’s why at Crystal Coded we do it all! From Wix to Wordpress web design and redesign, to branding, marketing, and even logo design. It’s a one stop shop for all your business needs, whether you’re rebranding or starting from scratch. Our team of experienced and dedicated designers handle all of our projects in house, and you’re a key part in the development. Our prices are competitive compared to our competition, and we take pride in each and every project we’re hired to complete.

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