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Updated: Mar 4

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Many entrepreneurs have big ideas, and even know how to execute them in lucrative ways. This is advantageous of course, but there’s more to business than ideas. Once you’ve manifested your ideas into reality, then comes the real work. Building an empire.

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Sometimes even the smartest of business savvy people can’t seem to nail down decent marketing, and that’s fine, it’s not everyone’s forte. There are many ways to go about boosting business online, you just need to find a method that works best for you and your business. Or hire a marketing design agency who specializes in this area so you can focus your energy in areas where it’ll be more beneficial.

Boost Your Business Tool: 1.) Social Media Marketing

Some simple ways to get started is social media marketing. There are tons of avenues here, whether it be using different platforms for different audiences, creating unique content to share with your community, or hiring a marketing manager to do all of the above. The key with social media marketing though is to be present, so don’t be afraid to outsource if you know someone else will get your business better results. Keep your content interesting, informative and engaging. Run ads, target your audience, and follow the trends.

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You can also connect your online store to your social media accounts. This makes them more visible to new customers, as well as reminding old customers where to find you, and keeping them updated on what’s new. This also allows them to buy directly from your social media posts or ads, instead of having to be transferred to another website while scrolling they can purchase items directly from their newsfeed. How convenient!

It’s important to know your audience. This might not be as simple if you don’t have a storefront where you can engage with your customers on a more personal basis, but you should still know exactly who your target audience is. Even online you must take steps to learn more about their wants and needs. Notice their purchase patterns, FAQs, and how you can help them have a better experience.

Finding your uniqueness is also important. What can you offer your customers that no one else can? What about your story and your mission statement makes them drawn to your company over the others? Be relatable, be noticeable, and be present in your business’s daily operations, this way a piece of you is in everything you do.

Your website has a lot to do with your success. Landing pages and content need to be comprehensible and easy to navigate. People don’t like unorganized websites, or sites bogged down with pop-ups. Plan your website according to your customers, in a way that’s appealing to them and what they came to find. You can always hire a website designer to help you with this task.

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Boost Your Business Tool: 2.) Email Marketing

Email marketing is another exceptional way to boost business online. It may seem old school, but your email list is a gold mine, and you should be utilizing it. Same goes for a good old fashioned mailing list. Snail mail might seem outdated, but if you have a good digital designer they can create an image for a flyer or door hanger that will catch your customers eye.

Boost Your Business Tool: 3.) Google Analytics

Market research is crucial to your success. Pay close attention to your analytics, to where you’re excelling and what needs to be modified. Google analytics is a great place to start, and it’s free! They can track and report your website’s traffic, giving you the insight you need to continue thriving. Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service out there today, which must say something about its effectiveness.

Boost Your Business Tool: 4.) Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another informative way to track your analytics. Their tools will help measure your site’s traffic and performance. It also allows recommends issues to fix, and allows your site to be found easier in Google’s search results. Sometimes reviewing data on your Google Search Console Dashboard can be very cumbersome or hard to understand, SEO managers are well-versed with this platform and can help you navigate/and or make the platform work best for your needs.

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Boost Your Business Tool: 5.) SEM Rush

SEMRush is also a helpful marketing tool which effectively researches the most popular keywords and ranks online data in your niche. This includes metrics such as search volume and cost per click.


Communication is key, in any business. Having clear lines of communication between you, your employees, and your customers is important. Finding a reliable program to host these communications will make your business thrive and keep it organized while doing so. Skype and Google Hangouts are popular options for these interactions, but there are tons to choose from.

Simplifying your customer’s experience will have a lasting effect, but it’s not just about a navigational website and good customer service. Payment processing is a huge deal to your customers, so creating a quick and simple checkout method is vital. Eight out of ten times, someone will leave their items in their shopping cart if the checkout process is too difficult. Keep this in mind when figuring out your payment process and what platform would suite your business best. Paypal and Venmo have become popular in recent years.

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You may hear more about SEO in recent years, but that’s because it really works. Finding a diamond in the rough isn’t so simple, especially in a diluted world wide web of businesses much like your own. These key words and phrases make a big difference in your customer’s search results. Be sure to include SEO in the context of your website and all of your marketing materials or hire a SEO Expert to do so.

A portfolio is always a good option, so you can showcase your achievements, and your potential customers can see how talented you are. Often times people will avoid choosing a company that has no reviews or examples of their work, solely because they have nothing to reference. Give them a visual of your work with high quality images and descriptions. This little measure will make a much bigger difference than you can imagine.

Make sure your product listings are engaging, and that the aesthetic of your website compliments your brand. All of these things play a role in whether you will retain customers, or if they decide to keep shopping around. Make your brand and your business something worth remembering!

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