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What is The Average Cost for Website Maintenance | Web Developer Blog

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Website maintenance is essential to keep your website up to date. If you want your website to be fast, responsive, and updated for SEO, work on its maintenance weekly.

how much to charge for website design and maintenance

Maintaining a website is not easy as there is much to consider, such as marketing, web design, regular content updates, hosting, etc. It is always better to hire website designers with experience in maintaining a website.

Poor website performance will lead to fewer sales, less traffic and engagement etc. The average hourly rate to maintain a website usually ranges depending on your needs. Here are some website maintenance list that can help you determine website maintenance cost and the average hourly rate for hiring a web designer to maintain it.

hire a website designer average hourly rate for website maintenance

wix website maintenance average hourly rate for website maintenance

Website Maintenance Cost: Web Domain and Hosting

Web maintenance fees include the price of buying a domain. If you are hiring someone to make a website for you then you have to pay a fee to get a domain name and hosting. The prices range is different but on average a domain will cost from$2-$15 per month. Hosting is to get your website online and it costs anywhere from $2-$77 a month.

Website Maintenance: Tech Support

To help clients fix any issues related to website maintenance you need a tech support team. Tech support always fixes your site issues and they come in different forms such as:

  • Email Ticketing System: This uses an online tracking system for technical assistance requests.

  • Live chat: Help to listen to customer issues regarding websites such as broken content form, website crashing, security breaches etc.

  • Phone Call Service: Tech support also provide phone call service so that a customer can easily call and complain about any issues related to the website.

Tech support charges you depending upon the services you buy and it usually starts from $30 an hour and up and depends on which level of service you choose.

web designer hourly rate wix website builder cost

Website Maintenance: Website Designing

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The design of the website is the first thing that a site visitors see when they visit your website. Design of a website should be unique and interesting for customers. Most of the website maintenance includes making changes in design, fixing bugs and removing errors. Hiring a Wix developer for Wix website maintenance means you have to hire a professional that belongs to a particular domain. The average hourly rate for website maintenance depends upon the amount of work that is needed to be done.

A medium-sized blog website maintenance will cost you around $20-$60 per month. Similarly, a large e-commerce store maintenance can cost you $300-$1000 per month.

Website Maintenance: Additional Features

Additional features such as marketing, SEO, and Plugins will cost extra if you are doing maintenance of your site. Usually, the maintenance work doesn’t include these services but they are important to keep your website fast and responsive to your customers. Hire a professional and always explain the work and then decide a fair rate.

Wrapping Up:

The average hourly rate for a website varies depending upon the amount of work. Hiring a professional means, you can get good services on time.

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