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Internet Tools To Capturing More Users On Your Website | Wix Expert Blog

Updated: Mar 8

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When you create your website, or hire someone to create your website for you, the finished product seems so surreal. You scroll through the pages and admire every little detail and link and bit of information, as if you aren’t the one who pieced it together yourself. But how do you get others to appreciate your website just the same?

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Directing traffic to your website can feel difficult at first, because it is. The world wide web is bogged down with so many sites, it’s overwhelming to consumers, and to you as you begin the journey of finding ways to get your content seen. Most people think hiring an SEO Expert is the first steps, but the first step in targeting your audience is to know who your audience is!

Figure out who your customer base is, the people who would be drawn to your brand or business, the ones who will keep coming back for more updates and blog posts and products or services. This is crucial, because if you’re not targeting the right crowd, the ones who would be interested in what you’re doing or what you have to say, your website will be lost among the millions of others. Check out some of the many internet tools that can help:

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Internet Tool 1.) Chatbox

When designing your website, its helpful for your customers if you could include a chat box. This is a service that will allow them to communicate in real time with you or someone from your company, so they can ask questions and you can provide them with the answers and necessary information they’re looking for. Including a chat box can have many beneficial effects for your business and your website.

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Firstly, it shows your customers that you’re present, and that you’re ready engage with them if they need your help. This will improve your customer satisfaction levels from the start, because when a new customer sees that they have guidance, it will give them a boost in confidence as they begin exploring. It can also help you keep track of interactions with your customers and use them to better your strategies in the future.

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This feature also lowers customer service costs, and increases customer service efficiency. It’s easy to set up, easy for your customers to use, and it allows customer service representatives to help more than one person at a time. This can provide your business with a competitive advantage among others in your niche, since most people these days would rather chat through text than pick up the phone, dial in, and wait on hold.

Because of this, customers will be more likely to buy. Since you’re able to address questions and concerns immediately, it will increase your business’s conversions and sales, which means more potential customers will become new customers, with confidence in your company. Customers who can chat with you or your representatives during the process are three times more likely to buy.

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Internet Tool 2.) CTS's/Call-to-Action

Furthermore, a call to action is crucial for any webpage who wants to retain its visitors. It could be a link, photo, video, or more that prompts your future customers to take action, such as ‘sign up’ or ‘register’ or ‘follow.’ These links will help your new visitors figure out their next steps, instead of struggling through the initial website navigation or purchasing process.

A good call to action button should stand out. You want it to draw attention and entice your visitors to follow through with that action. Try making the shape different from the other links or buttons on your page. Make it a different or contrasting color compared to the other features on your site. Most importantly, add text so the call to action is clear.

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Internet Tool 3.) Light Box/Pop Up

A light box is a good way to incorporate your call to action on your site. A light box is much like a pop-up, it’s a window that appears and blocks the website’s content. It disables the visitors ability to interact with the website in the background until they fill in the necessary info or close the pop-up, but instead of it being an advertisement for someone else, it’s for your own business. This can include actions such as signing up for newsletters, visiting a specific page on your site, advertising promotions and sales, or just providing your visitors with important information.

Internet Tool 4.) Remarketing/Adroll

Remarketing is another important way to retain customers. This means engaging with people who have already visited your site, and encouraging them to come back again. This is useful when you notice customers that add things to their cart, yet never purchase those items. Once they’ve visited your site, added to their cart, or enlisted in your newsletters, you can redirect them back with targeted ads. When they’re online browsing, your ads will appear on Google or other search engines to entice them to revisit their empty cart or check out your newest blog post.

Internet Tool 5.) Email Campaigns
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Last but most certainly not least, email campaigns. Your email list is a goldmine of people who have shown interest in your products, services, or brand. These are your people, advertise to them! Email marketing allows for personalized messages and content to be sent to people who you know have already shown their interest in what you have to offer. Keep showing them more of it!

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Not only does this help you to stay fresh in their mind, but you can also easily track analytics this way and see which email ads or newsletters get the most reactions, so you can tailor your methods to you customers. Staying fresh and relevant in your customer’s mind will increase sales, generate recurring traffic to your site, and increase your potential for new visitors. It ensures that you reach the right people, and those people will share your content if it's captivating.

Capturing more users on your website can be overwhelming, but there are so many ways to retain them. Remember the best referral is word of mouth, so never stop trying to impress your followers. Never stop providing them with new content, tailored content, and simple ways to interact with your business.

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