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How Much Does Wix Cost per Month? (2022) | Wix Designer Blog

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

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Wix is a free website building platform which can help you create a user-friendly website for your brand. It has powerful built-in features which allow users to design professional websites with drag and drop functionality.

Wix essentially is free, but it also offers you different monthly and yearly subscriptions to avail of its unique features. If you want to know how much Wix cost per month, then do give a read to the detailed information mentioned below.

How Much Does Wix Cost per Month?

Wix has a free plan that works for most people that are testing out the platform and they can use it for as long as they like. Besides the free plan, Wix offers a total of 8 paid plans for you. The price starts from $14 per month up to $500 per month. If you want an ad-free site, you can buy the combo plan, which is reasonable and priced at $14 per month.

Most Wix designers use the unlimited plan, which is $18 per month and works best for them. If you have an E-commerce business or sell E-commerce websites, then you can buy the business plan of Wix. There are plenty to choose from, but users prefer a basic business plan which costs them $17 per month.

Let’s have a close look at some of the Wix monthly plans.


  1. WIX FREE PLAN The free plan offers you unlimited access to users by allowing them to build and test Wix websites. New website developers can use this site for practice.

  2. WIX COMBO PLAN The combo is the most popular Wix monthly plan used by many freelancers across the globe. It will cost you $18 per month, which is reasonable if you are a freelancer and works on different online earning platforms as a Wix designer and developer.

  3. WIX UNLIMITED PLAN Unlimited Wix Plan will offer you a lot of storage, so if you have a growing website, you can buy this plan. The unlimited plan will cost you $23 a month.

  4. WIX PRO PLAN If you require marketing and branding for your business websites then you can buy the Pro plan, which costs you $28 per month.

  5. WIX VIP PLAN The VIP plan provides maximum storage and priority customer care for your data and will cost you $56 per month.


Besides these Wix website plans, let’s check Wix prices for its business and E-commerce plans. There are three categories in this domain.

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  1. WIX BUSINESS VIP: In business VIP you can get a full suite with unlimited bandwidth and video hours. Business VIP will cost you $35 per month.

  2. WIX BUSINESS UNLIMITED: You can get an unlimited Wix plan for $35 per month, which give you a lot of storage space for your data.

  3. WIX BUSINESS BASIC: In the business basic plan, you can get 20 GB of storage space along with other features for $17 per month.

Conclusion: Wix Website Cost Monthly

You can buy Wix plans according to your requirements. Being a professional freelancer you must choose a plan that can help you with your business.

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