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How can I improve my logo design? | Logo Designer Blog

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

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As a business owner you want a logo that will be eye catching, something people will remember. Branding is such an important part of growing your business, which is why a good logo design is crucial. So how can you improve your logo design? It’s simple really.

At Crystal Coded we take your logo design ideas and bring them to life.

We specialize in marketing and branding, which makes us the perfect fit for businesses who need a little help with logo design. When creating a logo we look at your vision, what your business stands for, what you as the business owner stand for, and then we find ways to incorporate all of that into a logo design that will not only stand out, but properly portray your company and its mission statements.

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Give your logo design the credit it deserves!

From the color scheme to the company name, the way your logo is designed will have a much larger impact on reaching and retaining new customers than you might think. It’s one of the first things people see when they look at your business. So make sure it’s not only unique, but also memorable. Even the greatest looking logos can have less than optimal results if no one can remember the company name or the business slogan.

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Make Sure You Logo Design is Aesthetically Pleasing

Another key feature is to make it aesthetically pleasing, in other words you want your customers to appreciate your logo design. While not everyone has artistic abilities, you still have an idea of what you think it should look like, even if you can’t draw it up yourself. That’s where Crystal Coded and their talented team of designers comes in. We work diligently to provide your business with a dazzling and distinct logo. A logo that makes people do a double take is a logo that will continue to draw attention. It will stay on people’s minds longer than it’s in front of their face, and this is exactly the type of energy you need your logo to have.

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A few other keys to logo design is to make it simple and easily identifiable. This will alleviate any confusion when potential customers search for your company. There’s nothing wrong with gathering ideas from similar companies, but you don’t want your logo to replicate someone else’s. Also, your design should avoid rolling with specific trends. These fads will come and go, and soon enough the logo you chose will be outdated.

Instead choose something timeless and relatable. It’s important to also ensure your logo is scalable, so that it can be adjusted to whatever marketing materials you want it placed on, whether its a coffee mug or a poster board. Making the design compatible with black and white doesn’t hurt either, because in some instances colorful marketing materials aren’t always an option. Lastly, but quite possibly most important, is to recognize who your audience is. Know who you’re targeting and tailor your design to what will attract them most.

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