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How to boost your business online | Web Development Blog

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

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Being an entrepreneur, you need to have a spectacular business idea and/or product and a stunning website to support it. But, what if you have a online website but your not getting any traffic or sells. Let me be the first to tell you; that having a beautiful, responsive website with all the bells and whistles doesn't mean anything if you do not have proper SEO; Search Engine Optimization. Running a business these days can be very challenging because of the high competition in the market, but if you are interested in boosting your business in the online space you should implement SEO.

With an e-commerce business you have to be on your game to compete with your rivals, especially because of the recent pandemic a lot of businesses have shifted their business online. It helps to have a website of coarse, but the best tool to boost your online business is to have professional website with SEO optimization.

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How do I use SEO optimization to promote my online business?

When you sell products or services online it can be challenging to get all your products or services listed (if you need help, we can create you a beautiful Wix eCommerce website or Wix Bookings Website). The best solution and most user friendly option for this task is having a good website design. There are many website design platform you can use to design your website such as Wix, WordPress and Shopify. If this is overwhelming you can also hire an expert web developer to get this done. One of the best parts of using any of the previously mentioned web platforms is how well and easy you can implement SEO optimization (Read our article on how to boost SEO on Wix, if you want to give it a stab yourself). SEO helps to bring more traffic to your website and enhance your online business. Here are some steps to promote business with your website:

  • Create a strong newsletter with attractive content and automations

  • Make sure your website looks attractive to mobile users as well as desktop users

  • Make a strategy for social media marketing

  • Implement SEO (for strong SEO hire a SEO specialist)

  • Encourage visitors and followers and support and promote your business

With the competitive market, it is difficult for new businesses to grow in the market. So in a highly competitive market SEO is essential.

There are some ways to promote an online business that won’t cost much:

  • A killer website

  • Embrace social media, ALOT!!

  • Wix SEO Wiz or Yoost (For Wix and WordPress websites)

  • Digital marketing

  • Engage with site visitors and get feedback

wix seo specialist how to optimize seo on wix

Lets go into detail of these essentials one-by-one:

1) A killer website

A website is the most essential tool for an online business. Using a web designing platform is one of the easiest ways that you can use to design a website, web designing platforms provides an array of efficient and reliable tools within the platform for boosting your business. Doing this yourself is not always easy, so don't be afraid to hire a Wix expert, WordPress Expert or Shopify Expert if it becomes overwhelming.

2) Embrace social media, Alot

Social media is necessary for online businesses these days. For efficient business improvement, social media is the best platform. Embrace Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

3) Wix SEO Wiz or Yoost

Search engine optimization is the best way to promote your website and increase your web traffic. Wix has a tool called Wix SEO Wiz that can walk you through some of the basic steps to follow to implement quality SEO. Yoost is a plugin for your WordPress website that you can use similar to the Wix SEO wiz to improve your sites SEO. Yoost also has tools that help you implement premium quality content to your website.

4) Digital marketing

Digital marketing can help grow your business rapidly. Take advantage of different platforms to digitize your business to attract more users.

5) Engage with site visitors and get feedback

In every business customer feedback is very much important. To give your business long-lasting strength you should focus on visitors’ feedback and respond to it properly.

Every business wants to grow, but only some of them can succeed. Being eager to do something innovative and creative is great but do not forget to put in the work. Create an online presence with SEO implementation is the way to do that.

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