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Updated: Aug 15, 2023

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WIX is one of the top trending website builders these days and has a massive flow of users day by day. Creating a website on WIX is very easy but the real task is to manage and keep

your website updated. A business website should be in the finest form to present your brand to customers. Your website should keep evolving and changing with time and staying fresh makes you a reliable retailer in the market. Wix Website redesign is part of web maintenance.

A great Wix redesign or rebranding makes your website more improved and functional. A Wix redesign should therefore address a website’s content, user experience, and SEO practices. To redesign your website hiring a WIX expert or a WIX designer is required if you are looking for a professional finish and keeping your business up to date.

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Hire a Wix Designer to Redesign your site:

The first step to redesigning your website is understanding the need of improving it. Here is the checklist that will walk you through the steps for improving your site, whether you’ll be working independently or with the help of a professional WIX website designer:

  1. Find out whether your website needs a change or not: The first thing in redesigning your Wix website is to understand the need for improvement. As the process of the Wix redesign take some time, so a strategy is required on your part. If it is necessary to freshen up your online business then it is best to hire a Wix designer to redesign your WIX website.

  2. Build a roadmap to revamp your site: Write down the points that you want to change on your website. For each of your goals, specify the way through which it can be tracked. These steps will help you to implement the redesign plan of a website.

  3. Principles of design: while redesigning keeps the basic principles of design in mind. The following tips will help you in the right direction: • Contrast • Hierarchy • Balance • Typography

  4. Optimizing your Wix website for SEO: SEO is a practice of improving your website's visibility and rankings on Google search results. This will boost your website’s traffic. SEO is a very important part of your website redesign because it can improve discoverability. Wix SEO is also an easy and best practice used by Crystal Coded. We have Wix SEO experts on our team that are sure to move your Wix site up in the ranks.. The following steps can also improve your SEO: • Use of Keywords (Including Wix local SEO) • Writing your page's meta tags • Alt-Text

  5. Optimize your Wix website for mobile: Your website should run as smoothly on the mobile, small screens and tablets screens just as well as it runs on desktop screens. To achieve this you have to be sure that your site is optimized for mobile viewing. It is a fact that a mobile-friendly website is also beneficial for SEO as it’s a major part of Google’s mobile-first indexing initiative, also it makes for a better user experience, since more site views these days are via mobile rather than desktop. Crystal Coded experts are well versed in optimizing all Wix website for mobile viewing.

Conclusion: Wix Redesign, to hire or not to hire.

When you have done all these steps give your new design a review, checking all the tools and links so that it works properly. You should double-check even the smaller details. Once you think your website is ready to launch share your fresh design on social media and other platforms. It is a good way to attract traffic to your website. Of course if taking on the task of redesigning your Wix website becomes to daunting, Crystal Coded has Wix experts on deck to take this task on for you with ease. Hiring a Wix designer takes the painstaking task from you so you can sit back and relax, also because we are Wix certified experts we will make sure every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed.

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