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wix portfolio Crystal Coded Hire Wix Designer wix website freelancers
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No Place Like Home

This clients previous Wix website was self made and was in desperate need of a Wix redesign, it was misaligned, not to mention very bland, which does not represent what he strives for at all. He requested a new, modern and sleek looking Wix website moving forward, since we have experience making web designs for architects, our Wix experts cleaned up the site and organized it in a more flattering and flowing way. With designs as intricate and unique as my clients, he needed a website that reflected that same level of passion and eccentricity.


No Place Like Home: Home Builder Website Design

This client is a property designer and developer with over 20 years of experience in several corners of the world. A young Jamaican entrepreneur with a strong desire to make his mark on the world, has dredged through the process of building in Jamaica, where functionality and design must work together to accommodate the island’s unique needs, while also complimenting the natural landscapes. He uses his website to showcase his extensive portfolio, as well as gaining new potential leads for housing design projects.

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