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Inspiring Examples of Successful Logo Redesigns: Before and After | Graphic Designer Blog

Updated: Mar 4

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Logo redesigns can breathe new life into a brand's identity, helping it stay relevant and resonate with its target audience. When done right, a logo redesign can revitalize a company's image, reflecting its growth, evolution, or repositioning in the market. In this blog, we will explore inspiring examples of successful logo redesigns, showcasing the transformative power of effective logo design services.

Successful Logo Redesign 1.) Starbucks

One of the most recognizable logo redesigns is Starbucks. The original logo featured a brown, detailed illustration of a twin-tailed mermaid, which underwent a series of refinements over the years. In 2011, the logo was simplified to focus on the iconic green and white siren, removing the outer circle and wordmark. This sleek and minimalist redesign allowed Starbucks to adapt to a digital world while preserving its brand recognition.

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Successful Logo Redesign 2.) Google

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Google's logo redesign in 2015 marked a significant shift from its original, slightly quirky design. The new logo featured a cleaner, sans-serif font with vibrant and playful colors. The simplicity and versatility of the redesigned logo allowed Google to maintain its friendly and approachable brand image while modernizing its visual identity.

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Successful Logo Redesign 3.) Mastercard

Mastercard's logo redesign in 2016 showcased the power of simplicity and timeless design. The previous logo had a cluttered appearance with an overlapping and inconsistent design. The redesigned logo featured a simplified interlocking circles concept, maintaining the iconic red and yellow colors. This minimalist approach conveyed trust, modernity, and global recognition, ensuring that the logo remains relevant in a rapidly changing financial landscape.

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Successful Logo Redesign 4.) Airbnb

Airbnb's logo redesign in 2014 exemplified the importance of capturing the essence of a brand in a simple yet meaningful design. The previous logo was a complex, cursive design that lacked versatility. The new logo featured a simple geometric symbol known as the "Bélo," representing belonging and diversity. This transformation allowed Airbnb to establish a distinctive visual identity that reflects its core values and resonates with its global community.

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Successful Logo Redesign 5.) Spotify

Spotify's logo redesign in 2013 showcased the effectiveness of refining a brand's visual identity while retaining its core elements. The previous logo featured a textured green circle with a black and white soundwave inside. The redesigned logo simplified the design, focusing on the distinctive soundwave symbol in a vibrant green color. This cleaner and more recognizable logo reinforced Spotify's position as a leading music streaming platform.

Examples of Successful Logo Redesigns Conclusion:

Logo redesigns can have a profound impact on a brand's identity and perception. The examples mentioned above demonstrate the power of effective logo design services in revitalizing a brand's visual identity. Whether through simplification, modernization, or conceptual refinement, successful logo redesigns capture the essence of a brand while ensuring it remains relevant in a dynamic marketplace. If you're considering a logo redesign, exploring the diverse logo design portfolio and examples can inspire and guide you in creating a powerful and impactful logo that stands the test of time.

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