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What to look for when hiring a logo designer | Graphic Designer Blog

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

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People hire logo designer for many reasons. Many businesses use them to create quality and professional looking designs, marketing and advertising agencies use them to help with their ads, social media managers use them to draw attention to their pages. They can be utilized in tons of situations, and many freelancers offer these services nowadays, but you might be asking yourself how to narrow it down.

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First you need to have an idea of what you want your logo to symbolize. You don’t need to have a creative bone in your body to know what you want your logo to represent. When you hire a logo designer they will ask you many questions to help them get an idea of what you’re looking for. It’s important to make your expectations clear during these questions, and to be transparent with them regarding your needs. You can browse through other business logos on the internet to get ideas, or take note of businesses that you visit, or ones that always seem to catch your attention when you pass by.

When you hire a graphic designer you give them a certain level of creative freedom. This is where things can get messy though. As much as creativity is appreciated and admired, sometimes you have a strictly professional vision, or something more risky, and these are the types of things that need to be communicated before they begin on your design. Clear expectations are crucial, so keep an open line of communication throughout your project. This also allows them to ask questions along the way in case they find themselves wondering if you’ll like a specific detail or color combo.

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When you’re looking at who to hire there are a few things to take into consideration. First figure out if you want to work with someone local, or if you’re open to hiring someone online. This may be directly effected by your needs, such as if you’ll need continuous material, it might be easier to deal with someone locally.

Always check out the designer’s portfolio. This is very important! Every designer has their own style, and not all styles will fit your needs. Look into this before placing the order. If you need a sports logo but you hire someone who usually only designs ads for social media, you might not get the end result you were expecting. Take a closer look at the craftsmanship of their work and be sure it aligns with your vision.

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Once you begin contacting designers you’ll need to compare rates. This is crucial, and often the hardest part. You should have a budget in mind going in, but comparing services will help narrow down designers. You’ll need to go over details of your vision, agree on pricing, and terms and conditions such as cost of revisions if necessary, or when the design needs to be completed.

During the design process your designer will come up with several sketches or thumbnails of ideas, and they’ll usually consult with you to see which you prefer before continuing. Be sure to keep in touch with your designer to make the process run smooth for both of you.

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