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Understanding Your Wix Analytics Reports | Wix designer Blog

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

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Gain insights about your wix website and make smart business decisions with Wix Analytics Reports. Your Wix analytic reports will display your site's Sales, Traffic, Behavior, and People data right on your Wix dashboard. You can choose many different ways to view your data by customizing your reports to focus on data that interests you. You can also and create new reports from scratch.

Your Wix Website Analytic Reports

Wix Analytics Reports dashboard board offers a broad range of ways to display your Wix website data.

To access your reports go to the reports page in your Wix Site Dashboard

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To view your data in a specific format, click an icon displayed next to a report:

  • Table Icon: displays your data in rows and columns.

  • Bar Chart Icon: displays and compares your data.

  • Line Chart Icon: shows how your data has changed over time.

  • Map Icon: displays geographical data.

  • Pie Chart Icon: displays your data in sections.

  • Heat Map Icon: displays your data using intensity of color in grid format.

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You can also view analytics of your Wix Website via Google Analytics. To connect analytics to your wix account your just have to use your unique UA Code and enter it on the analytics section of the Wix dashboard.

If you need any help setting up your analytics and understanding your analytics reports our Wix SEO Specialist can help.

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