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Rebranding: How to get started | Graphic Designer Blog

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

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Rebranding can be necessary for a lot of reasons. It can be to better your business, to change your customer base, or even to alter a recently acquired business and tailor it to its new ownership. Rebranding can be costly, and it’s not something you should do often, but if your company’s outdated visions no longer align with current ownership and customers, then it could be a strategic move. Whatever the case, you always want your brand to stand out against your competitors. Rebranding can include a refresh, a partial rebrand, or a full blown rebrand.

A refresh of the brand would include minor details such as a color change or a revamped logo design. These are small things that might change the look or feel, but they won’t confuse your brand for another. Partial rebranding could mean changing things like your company’s mission statement or the way you package your products. A bold move, but your company will still be recognized. A total rebrand would be a whole facelift. The brand would come out almost unrecognizable at the end of it all. It would basically be a new company, new logo, new visions. So first, figure out what type of rebrand your company needs.

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So should you totally rebrand your business?

This comes with risks, but if you do it right it can be very successful, especially if you hire graphic designer with qualified experience. Not only can it reignite some of that lost interest from your customers, but it allows you to modernize your brand as well. With a rebrand you can introduce new products, new features, or upgraded services. This can also include better marketing strategies, new advertisements, and more social media interaction.

Be sure to avoid confusion within your current customer base by notifying them of the rebrand through email or a newsletter. Although the rebrand might be for the benefit of the company, loyal customers like consistency. They’ll be happy to know it’s just a change in logo or business name, and that they’ll still receive the same, or better, products and services. Even if you’re doing a full rebrand, this should be taken into consideration.

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When you make the decision to rebrand your business you’re taking a leap of faith, but if you plan correctly or hire a branding designer you won’t feel so uneasy about it. It’s important to plan out your rebrand before you go editing or removing aspects of your business. Look at the big picture and see what needs to be done, then strategically plan how you need to do it. In what order would this be the most efficient? How can you maneuver this rebrand without disturbing current business activity? How can you retain old customers while also encouraging new ones?

These are all things that need to be taken into consideration before you start the rebranding process. Do your research, check out examples of others who have rebranded their companies. Consult with a branding designer or hire a graphic designer. The options and possibilities are endless, just make sure your hindsight isn’t better than your strategic planning.

Need help rebranding your business?

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