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Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Creating websites these days is as much easier as ever before. Wix is one of the methods that revolutionized website building. You can easily make your website for your business or you can hire a Wix website builder. During the last year when the businesses were in a dire situation due to covid, people use online source to keep their work in running. Wix e-commerce websites are considered the best source to boost your business. A survey report shows that WIX is on the demanding list this year. There are various WIX website examples in the web market now.

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Why WIX is better

These days e-commerce is the best source for online earning and this purpose, WIX is the best option. Here are some reasons that why WIX is better:

  1. WIX includes several eCommerce-themed templates for setting up your site.

  2. WIX is a hosted site builder that promises an all-in-one site-building solution.

  3. WIX offers all of its tools in packages with fixed monthly fees, users don’t need to factor in external costs, such as hiring developer services or purchasing assets from outside sources

  4. Using one of the more than 500 website templates WIX offers, users can drag and drop elements to create a site in minutes without any coding.

WIX is always working to improve performance, and HTTP Archive’s latest CVW Report shows amazing results. Since the beginning of 2020, the ratio of WIX sites in the US with good CVW scores increased by over 10X!.

These are the major reasons that make WIX is far better than other platforms. During the pandemic, WIX increased their traffic splendidly and people belonging to web businesses were hiring WIX website builders. Online retail sales grew overall during the pandemic is the biggest reason to put WIX on the demanding list.

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Why we should use WIX

WIX is more than a website, though. It offers a complete set of tools to build your online presence, from getting found on search engines to building your business. Founded in 2006, Wix has today grown to serve over 110 million users and is one of the biggest in the business. Here are some reasons that why we should use Wix:

  1. Lots of multiple features: In developing the websites Wix is the only server that gives tons of multiple features to their users and it makes it unique in the current competition of tech.

  2. Huge template collections: Wix is absolutely fantastic with its template options. It is offering users over 500 template options to choose from them. It has a wide variety of categories to choose from, ranging from boilerplate corporate all the way to travel and tourism.

  3. Drag and Drop Interface: It is the most phenomenal feature of Wix and is considered the heart of Wix. It keeps things easy to use for beginners and yet has enough options to turn your site into a real powerhouse by extended means.

Wix is the best website builder in current days because of its efficiency and accuracy with the ease of using it. But even though Wix is easy to use sometime you just dont have an eye for design, or enough time to learn how to use the website builder or to build the site at all. If this is the case Crystal Coded wix design agency can help, we have a team of Wix experts that can get it done right for you, learn more below.

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Interested in Wix web design services?

Need a new Wix Web Design Services or Wix redesign, but don't have the time to make it your self? Hire Crystal Coded's Wix Designers to help you get it done. Still have question, check out our Wix Help.

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