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It was also important that this theatre website design had a strong SEO presence, so that like minded people could find them easily and collectively contribute to the cause. Our Wix SEO specialist optimized there page titles and keywords as well as ensuring their redirects were properly setup so no users were ever lead to a broken page. We also integrated there ecommerce shop, member portal and events calendar.


Collaboraction: Theatre Website Design

Collaboraction is a non-profit theatre for social change that is working to engage people in empathy, thought, dialogue and action on critical social issues. They strive to build knowledge around oppression and inequity through the arts and interactive online programs that use the power of storytelling and community to acquire positive social change. They host shows and events that encourage larger arts organizations to get with the times and to stand up for systemic change, where people hold a personal commitment to one another’s well being and success. This wixsite had many pages, and all of them serve a unique purpose, so when implementing the Wix website redesign we went above and beyond to portray those motives and examples of how much this group loves to inspire their community. 

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