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Jet the Gerbil: Book Author Wix Website Design

The Legend of Jet the Gerbil is the true story of a daredevil gerbil in peril and his human, a young boy named Michael, who goes on a fast-paced adventure to rescue him. The author or this wonderful children's book; Michael Keller, searched tireless for the perfect Wix designer to build his Wix website. It was important to him that he brought in a team that was diverse, talented, and patient. When he came to his final decision he decided to go with our Wix design agency; Crystal Coded. I would personally have to say this was one of my most joyous projects to work on, it pulled out new found creativity and out of the box thinking for this design. 

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Jet the Gerbil

In additional to that Michael was just a delightful client to work with. Michael needed to have a shopping cart with special features and the Wix store would not be enough to meet his needs, and since Shopify was no longer a 3rd part plugin available in the Wix marketplace our Wix designer had to get creative. In the end we got it done, we were able to create a work around in order get his Shopify store on his Wix website seamlessly. Our Wix SEO specialist also implement all the needed SEO to get going.

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