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Chameleon Beds: Product Wix Website Design

Chameleon Beds designs creative pet products that focus on functionality, health, and style. Chameleon beds was looking to hire a Wix Expert, and reached out to our wix web design company. Chameleon beds was in need of a fully customized Wix website design so they could get there products on the web. They had a special case, where they wanted to highlight their products; which are dog beds, but they also wanted to point customers to purchase those same dog beds on Amazon. 

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wix portfolio hire wix expert
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Chameleon Beds

Our Wix designers made a simple Wix website that provided the information they needed to get out there, but also redirected their customer base to make the purchase of their products on Amazon. They were so excited that our Wix developers were able to incorporate the branding through out the entire website, and that we provided them with wix mobile site optimization.  Our agency and the client is so happy that we were able to assist on this Wix design project and that they got their needs met.

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