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TigerPly: Environmental Wix Website Design

TigerPly is a company that designs the finest plywood by using the world's most sustainable resources. TigerPly had invited us to interview for a listing they had for Web designer on Upwork. They had a dated Wix website already, but they wanted to have their Wix website updated to give it a more exciting feel, and to also update there content currently on the website. Needless to say they hire our Wix design agency to complete the assignment. We designed their site to be more responsive and interactive so users on the site can feel excited once they visit the site.

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Our Wix graphic designer used graphic design skills to create unique features on the website. Our Wix SEO specialist ensure that all site's Wix SEO was in place properly, and that the Wix SEO Wiz was all green check marks. The site design was a success and we believe that this site is one of the best Wix designed website.

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