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Mi Amaur Aesthetics: Beauty Wix Website Design

Mi Amaur Aesthetics is offers a unique beauty product: snail cream. Mi Amaur needed to get the word out about their product, even though their product is unique it is not the only one of its kind, but it is the most affordable one of its kind. This client was seeking a Wix partner agency and located us on the Wix marketplace.  After review our Wix site examples and our Wix website pricing they decided we were the best fit. 

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Mi Amaur Aesthetics

Once hired we were excited to get to work. Our website design specialist built an Wix eCommerce site that highlighted the clients unique products while be bold and sophisticated. The client was so pleased with the outcome that she has referred us to several of friends and family, and she has also hired us to design another Wix website. She has also hired us for her flyers and brochures designs. We can already tell that this will be a long lasting client.

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