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Read All About It: News Website Design

This custom WordPress website design is a classy yet informative international news platform that provides you with current events, as well as insider news flashes beyond the community it serves. They aim to share a wide array of information and knowledge in subjects such as finance, insurance, legal, politics, real estate, lifestyle and more. They hold press releases, send out newsletters, and even allow you to dig through their archives. As amazing as their content is, they wanted a news website design that would give an traditional feel. So our WordPress developers tailored a Wordpress website design into something that would give you the nostalgic feeling of reading the newspaper.

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wix portfolio Crystal Coded Hire Wix Designer wix website freelancers
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Read All About It

While it remains enlightening, it’s much more enticing than it was in the past. The site is black and white, much like a traditional newspaper, and we organized it in a way that avoids confusion for its visitors. Categories have been separated, key points have been highlighted, and headlines have been magnified. With a business as savvy as this one, an official and appropriate website will give them the boost they need to continue on their path to success.

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