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BlackSeed Crypto: Block Chain Website Development

Black Seed is a community that helps to empower minorities when it comes to the crypto stock market. They provide knowledge and insight into the world of crypto currency and its array of investments, and give step by step advice on how to increase their net worth within the market. Because BlackSeed wanted to market to those who are not always familiar with its industry, the seeked to hire aWordPress developer to build a website that offers such wealth, they wanted to capture that ambiance as soon as you hit the home page. The original Wordpress website didn’t have the functionality that it does now. BlackSeed needed a Wordpress website design that had moving parts, for things such as portfolios, making purchases and donations, blockchains or growing their following.

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wix portfolio Crystal Coded Hire Wix Designer wix website freelancers
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BlackSeed Crypto

We managed to incorporate these moving parts in an efficient way that wouldn’t feel overwhelming to those who are navigating through them. They also wanted to add a sort of tech vibe to the site, so we revamped its color schemes and themes to give a more modern feel. With a company that’s so motivated to being better and helping their community, they wanted to send the same message with an inviting WordPress website design, so we gave them something that the site’s visitors would feel enthusiastic about and motivated by.

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