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What is a Splash Page? And Do You Need One? | Web Developer Blog

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

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You might be asking yourself, what is a splash page, and do I need one for my website? In short, the answer is yes. Splash pages, not to be confused with landing pages or home pages, are like a quick intro to your website before even reaching the main page, so basically a sneak peak for the rest of your site. Website designers have utilized a space for pre-website info, which comes in handy in many lines of work. This has made them increasingly popular in recent years.

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Why Do I Need a Splash Page?

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You can use them to share your latest blog post, showcase your newest merchandise, or boast about your current deals. While splash pages aren’t for every website or niche, they could be useful when filtering visitors. For example, if you have your website translated into several languages, they can first choose their native language before entering, or a warning that the website contains adult content, therefore requiring the visitor to confirm they are over 18.

They can also be used to collect some info from visitors, like an email so they can subscribe. When you have an interesting site, sometimes people get lost on it and forget to go back and hit that follow button, so remind them! Another useful way to use a splash page would be for offering directions to your storefront. Sometimes people are visiting your site because they want to visit you! Make it a call to action by including the address, phone number, and any other useful info.

Splash pages demand attention, unlike most of the ads we skim over in a side bar. They require some kind of action, even if it’s hitting the ‘no thanks’ button, which means they also elicit some kind of acknowledgment. Make sure whatever you put on your splash page is something you’ll want them to remember later.

Ask An Website Designer

To reiterate my last point, here’s a little friendly advice form the website experts: if you’re going to use a splash page make sure you come up with a marketing plan of sorts. This will be the first thing people see when they come to your website, so be sure you make it something catchy, something that will make them want more of your content. You can use UI design software to help design your splash page if you are a DIY-er, or you could also do yourself the favor of hiring a website designer, they’ll be able to revamp your whole website, and give you the best advice for what exactly belongs on your business’s splash page.

Often they’ll advise you to keep it simple. A splash page shouldn’t be a plethora of information, it should have one definite purpose, and that purpose should be carefully considered. Be sure to create a captivating headline, so they don’t just hit the little X immediately, first impressions are everything. Also, if using images, make sure it’s a powerful one. Overall, splash pages can be very beneficial to your site, and a professional web designer can add value to your page.

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Need help with your splash page design?

Hire Crystal Coded's website design agency to help you get it done. Crystal Coded will help build your splash page through our web design services, by our expert website designers, we will deliver quality designs through creative ideas to help you communicate your brand more clearly.

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