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How to Accept Payments on Your Wix Website | Wix Designer Blog

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Have a Wix Online store, or interested in starting one? You can accept payments for all types of products and or services whether it be physical or digital, directly through your site. Wix offers a variety of payment methods and providers depending on your location.

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You can select one or more payment methods to appear on your checkout page of your Wix site: Credit Card, PayPal and Manual (offline) payments.

More About Wix Payment Gateways:

  • Credit Cards: Connect to Wix Payments or a third-party payment provider to accept credit card payments. Learn More

  • Paypal: Accept payments from customers with a PayPal account or via guest checkout. Learn More

  • Manual: Get paid offline and accept cash, check or any other form of payment by giving customers specific instructions. Learn More

Get Started to Accept Payments on Your Wix Website (Store)

To choose your payment methods:

  1. Go to Accept Payments on your site's dashboard.

  2. Select the payment methods you want to use, or click See More Payment Options.

  3. Click Complete Setup / Connect for each payment method required and follow the steps provided.

To see a full and most updated list of Payment Providers that Wix works with, click here

If you need assistance setting up a payment gateway so you can receive payments on your Wix ecommerce / Wix store , or if you just want the touch from a Wix Certified Expert Designer. Feel free to contact us.

Need a new Wix Web Design Services or Wix redesign, but don't have the time to make it your self? Hire Crystal Coded's Wix Designers to help you get it done. Still have question, check out our Wix Faq.

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