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A Web Design Agency that Delivers Results

At Crystal Coded we know that your business is your baby. We make it our mission to help you succeed in any way possible, starting with your online presence. Building a website for your business has always been one of the first steps to getting noticed in any community, and we’ve customized many sites in many different niches. At Crystal Coded you get a professional website designer, a brand designer, and a graphic designer all wrapped in one convenient package.

We make it a point to build, or redesign, a Portland website design for you that will really portray what your Portland business is all about, and to showcase the hard work you do, not only for your customers but also behind the scenes. With personal touches and professional layouts, we build sites that are easy for your customers to navigate, while also being fully functional to suite your business needs.


Why Choose Crystal Coded for Hiring a Professional Website Designer in Portland

As professional Portland website designers, the team at Crystal Coded is here to build an impactful online presence for your business. No mater the niche, we’re able to relay your message to your customers in easy to use and aesthetically pleasing websites. From the layouts to the color scheme to the call-to-action buttons used, each site is tailored to fit the business it was created for. Most of the websites that we build are designed or redesigned using top-rated platforms such as Wix or WordPress.

Our team consists of Certified Web Experts wіth years of experience our web design agency has you covered for all your web design needs.

Our SEO Experts also have years of experience and proven results from many different website and client bases. The proof is in the pudding.

Our professionals are dedicated to giving you a desirable finished project. We will do all from logo design, business cards, flyers and more.

Taking your business needs and requirements into consideration, we will provide you with a free proposal for your needs.


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Web Design + Marketing Design Services, Wow!

Whether you need a logo designed, or finishing touches on an existing design, we’re happy to help you achieve your vision. Branding is crucial in any business, especially in this day and age with so much of the world’s business being done online. You’ll need a website, logo, and brand that stands out among it’s competitors, which is becoming more difficult by the day. How can you, the little guy, compete with established brands? Make your logo, slogan and mission statement catchy, meaningful, or whatever you think suits your business, but be sure it’s easy to recall. In a competitive market, standing out from the crowd is vital. Even as a smaller business, you can compete with established brands by focusing on key elements of branding: your logo, slogan, and mission statement. These components should be more than just words and graphics – they should be compelling, meaningful, and memorable.

Our team of Portland graphic designers is amazing at creating one of a kind logos that will entice your future customers to stop scrolling and do a double take. They will advise you on what works and what doesn’t, and attentively listen to how you’d like your business to be represented. It’s not an easy task to make such a crucial decision for your business, but that’s why our trusted team is here to guide you through the process, from rough drafts to final products you can be proud of.

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Expert SEO Services in Portland

Aside from our phenomenal website creations, we also offer expert SEO management. When it comes to your website, we know it’s important that it portrays the image you want your customers to know and love. That’s why at Crystal Coded we strategically incorporate the most important key words and phrases into your website.

If your website lacks key words it will also lack the attention it deserves, no matter how beautiful it is. Humans have been known to favor instant gratification, which is why when they search for something online they only scan through the first few results, maybe the first few pages of results if they have a little extra patience. The purpose of strategically placing these key words in your website is to rank your business higher during these online searches. You want to be in the top few results, not the top few pages of results.

To reach your targeted audience, our SEO managers use their knowledge and experience to optimize your website, using both on page and off page SEO. This not only attracts more customers, but it can also make your business more discoverable on top rated search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more. The organic reach your site has, along with it’s authority score, play a very important role in Google algorithms and where your Google ads get placed.



A great package for the small business that's just starting out or for a personal site and needs a professional online presence.



+ Platform Account Setup (if needed)

+ Custom Website Design and Development

+ Responsive Mobile Device Optimization
+ Coming Soon Landing Page*

+ On Site Email Opt-In

+ Social Media Connections

+ Implementation of Your Brand Colors & Fonts

+ High-Quality (Free) Stock Photos/Videos**

+ Graphic Design and Photo Editing as needed

+ Easy to Self Manage and Edit (Wix Platform only)

+ Favicon Designed and Added to Your Site

+ Premium Features: Ecommerce, Booking, Forms (as needed)

+ Website Analytics/Google Analytics

+ Connect/Setup to Google Search Console
+ Complete Wix SEO Wiz 

+ Technical On-Page and Off-Page SEO***

+ 2 Weeks Post-Launch Support 

*Excluded if a redesign

**Premium stock images and videos can be provided at additional fee.

*** Optimized page titles, meta-descriptions & alt tags,
      On-going SEO plans available

Branding and Marketing can be added to any web design package at a discount package rate

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View Our Past Projects from our Graphic Design & Web Design Portfolio

Our attention to detail is exhibited in our extensive portfolio. The sites we’ve created or remastered will showcase our multifaceted abilities and talents. We are diligent, skilled, and will do anything we can to knock it out of the park for our customers, all in a timely fashion. 

wix professional logo review

Crystal is simply a website designer rock star! I am a former CMO, so potentially a nightmare client for Crystal, and she crushed it. Working with her was an absolute pleasure. She is knowledgeable, skilled, creative, calm, cool and collected. I asked for a pretty robust site that needed an e-commerce platform that had to be separate from a Wix front end and she seemlessly integrated the two. She often went above and beyond, just because. She is a consummate professional and I would hire her again if I had the need. So glad I chose her out of the 75+ people who bid on my job. You should choose Crystal if you have the chance! Michael Keller (

Michael Keller



Industries We Serve In Portland

We Serve A Wide Variety Of Industries & Organizations Of All Types & Sizes

• Consulting & Coaching Websites
• E-Commerce Websites
• Subscription Websites
• Booking Websites
• Service & Maintenance Websites
• Advertising & Marketing Websites
• Technology/App Websites
• Real Estate Websites
• Law Websites
• Finance/Accounting Websites
• Construction & Manufacturing Websites
• Pets & Animal Websites
• Automotive & Cars Websites
• Health & Wellness Websites
• Beauty & Hair Websites
• Fashion & Style Websitess
• Travel & Tourism Websites
• Restaurants & Food Websites
• Landing Page Websites
• Reservation Websites
• Blogging Websites

• Photography Websites
• Music Websites
• Design Websites
• Creative Arts Websites
• Portfolio & CV Websites
• Video Websites

• Schools & Universities Websites
• Online Classes/Courses Websites
• Religion Websites
• Non-Profit Websites

• Kids & Babies Websites
• Fashion & Clothing Websites
• Sports & outdoors Websites
• Jewelry & Accessories Websites
• Arts & Crafts Websites
• Home & Décor Websites
• Beauty & Wellness Websites
• Food & Drinks Websites
• Electronics Websites
• Book & Publishers Websites
• Pet & Animals Websites
• CBD Websites

• Wedding Websites
• Holidays & Celebration Websites
• Conference Websites
• Event Production Websites
• Venue Websites

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A Dedicated Website Design Agency

The team at Crystal Coded is full of experienced and extremely creative designers who put their all into crafting each website. Whether you’re looking for a brand new website or your current website needs to be revamped, these designers will go above and beyond to build you an impressive final product. They are with you from start to finish, communicating clearly about their process, answering your questions, and really listening to your vision and how you think it should be portrayed.

They are diligent, patient, and prompt with their designs. As you can see in our extensive portfolio, Crystal Coded takes pride in each and every project we take on, big or small. Every business is different, therefore each website is different, and our team will make sure your website is one of kind.

We also make it a point to provide a website that provides results. We integrate important SEO key words and phrases into your website on and off page, so that your business is more likely to be found during online searches by your potential customers. We even use website hosts that show analytics for not only your website, but also for how it ranks on search engines like Google.


Get My FREE Web Design Proposal

Our talented team of professional website designers go above and beyond to give your business the website it deserves, from basic landing pages to fully functional sites that book appointments and accept different payment methods. We are attentive to your vision and your business’ needs, so naturally we pride ourselves on our clear communication. The team will ask the right questions to ensure everyone in the design process is on the same page, and they will tailor all designs specifically for the client they are working with. No two websites will look or feel the same.


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