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Greenly Organic

Greenly Organic is a start-up and one-stop shop for all the top products and information in the CBD and hemp market place. CBD is one of the newest ways to organically heal your mind, body and soul. Greenly Organic reached out to us in need of almost everything, so our talented professionals got to work. First we worked on creating the brand for the company, our top rated graphic designers created their logo, color scheme, typeface, and marketing materials both for print and digital. From there our Wix Certified Experts designed a fully functional online marketplace, intertwining the brand and what it represents.  The client decided not to us the Wix shopping cart, (due to restrictions on the products they sell) instead our Wix Partners integrated an Ecwid third party shopping cart app into the site and it functions seamlessly. The collaboration of our Wix Pros and top rated graphic designers, made company launch an success, and we are so proud to have been apart of that process.